RAVATAR Pioneers Holoportation at CITEA Digital Cyprus Conference 2024

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[Limassol, 26 June 2024] — The future of business and technology converged spectacularly during the 3rd CITEA Digital Cyprus Conference, held on June 20, 2024. Hosted by the Cyprus Information Technology Enterprises Association (CITEA), this premier event was a thrilling deep dive into how AI technologies are reshaping the competitive edge of businesses across Cyprus and beyond.

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Gathering the tech world in Nicosia to explore themes such as AI’s integration into diverse industries, reshaping of customer experiences, the significance of strategic data analytics, and the critical role of cybersecurity, the conference agenda was robust and forward-thinking. Within this framework of innovative discussions, RAVATAR captured the audience’s attention with a stunning demonstration of holographic communication technology.

In a standout moment of technological wizardry, RAVATAR bridged continents by enabling Dr. Nicodemos Damianou, Deputy Minister of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy, to deliver a keynote speech in real-time from Athens via a live hologram. 

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The central stage saw the unveiling of RAVABOX, RAVATAR’s cutting-edge high-fidelity holographic display platform. This dynamic presentation transformed what could have been a typical speech into a spellbinding encounter. Dr. Damianou, projected in lifelike detail, drew the spectators into an immersive experience, making it feel as though he was physically present, seamlessly defying the constraints of distance.

Such a vibrant, interactive session enthralled attendees, highlighting the vast potential of these systems in transforming remote interactions and showcasing RAVATAR as a new leader in holographic communication technologies.

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It was my pleasure to participate, even virtually through technology, in one of the most important conferences of our country’s technology ecosystem”, said Deputy Minister Dr. Nicodemos Damianou, reflecting on the event. “Our goal is to accelerate the adoption of artificial intelligence, integrating practical applications into projects we implement, services we develop, and key functions of the state, all while activating the research and business community of Cyprus.

Ruslan Synytskyy, CEO of RAVATAR, enthused about the event’s impact, stating, “We are not just witnessing technology’s evolution; we are actively driving it, pushing the envelope on what’s possible in digital communication. This conference has been a fantastic platform to demonstrate how our holographic technologies can transcend traditional barriers of engagement and presence.

This year’s CITEA Digital Cyprus Conference was more than an event; it was a landmark celebration of technological excellence and innovation. The presence of international technology giants like Google, Huawei, SoftOne, Zyxel, Kyndryl, Salesforce, and others, along with local innovators, further underscored the global interest in Cyprus’s rapidly evolving technological landscape.

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This convergence of worldwide and regional expertise has firmly established Cyprus as a burgeoning hub of tech innovation, setting the stage for exciting future advancements. Poised at the forefront of this dynamic shift, RAVATAR is ready to play a pivotal role, spearheading new developments and collaborations that promise to redefine the technological horizons of Cyprus and beyond.


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