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We create realistic human avatars

We create realistic human avatars

Realistic Human Avatar

RAVATAR creates high-quality realistic avatars using cutting-edge technologies based on the Generative AI.
By working with synthetic data we can recreate any human being in virtual reality based on existing videos and audio samples.

Use Cases for Synthetic Avatars

RAVATAR’s technology allows to replicate behaviour of a human being which makes our avatars useful in large variety of use cases like:


Realistic Human Avatars

RAVATAR’s technology is applicable to various business verticals. And those are just a few of the examples, everything else is limited only by your imagination.

Research and Development

RAVATAR’s team is always hustling the technology field and constantly improving existing technology as well as finding new approaches on how to use the concept of synthetic data.

Here at RAVATAR we strongly believe in the power of data, however not always we can get enough quality data to build a sufficient data model. In such cases AI generated synthetic data comes into play by filling the missing gaps.
Our R&D team consists of industry top minds who can step into your company and be natural augmentation of your existing product team.


Digital Human Avatars can be integrated with holograms to provide an immersive experience using the next generation of volumetric holographic gateway.

Our partner Metabox is a premier provider of industry most advanced holoboxes and has a proven track record working with major companies.

Whether you are an individual, SME, or Enterprise AI Avatars that can move and act as a real human of your business or brand development and can be a cool feature in your household as a personal assistant!


Ruslan Synytsky


Serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of engineering experience, expert in large-scale distributed cloud systems

Iurie Chischiliov


Successful entrepreneur with 15+ years expertise in IT integration projects across e-Governance, AR an AI domains

Guntis Siugals


Tech visionary with a 10+ year track record of driving innovation and growth through technology including AI solutions

Natalie Ivakhnenko

Sr. Product Designer

15+ years experience in design and marketing of innovative products across multiple industries

Andreа Prince


A pioneer in laser shows delivering high-tech laser and hologram solutions for brands like Ferrari, Disney, and AT&T

Leonardo Terzulli


Hologram Expert in the marketing of holographic and high-tech laser shows for Warner Bros, AT&T, Maserati, etc

Yuriy Khoma, PhD


Sr. Data Scientist with 10+ years experience with a primary focus on AI/ML, data science, and advanced analytics

Traian Rebedea, PhD


Sr. Data Scientist and associated professor with 20+ years of professional experience working with innovations in ML

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Company address:
Anastasiou Sioukri 1, THEMIS COURT,
Office 402, Limassol, 3105, Cyprus

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