AI Avatars
Leveraging Generative AI technology, virtual assistants ensure 24/7 brand engagement and enrich customer experience by providing real-time communication
Leveraging Generative AI technology, virtual assistants ensure 24/7 brand engagement and enrich customer experience by providing real-time communication
Interactive AI Avatars For Your Business

RAVATAR is an all-encompassing platform, seamlessly integrating an extensive array of AI services, including AI Voice, AI Avatars, Conversational AI, and more.

Harnessing the potential of cutting-edge artificial intelligence, we specialize in crafting holistic, tailor-made AI Avatar solutions that are designed to enrich online presence, amplify engagement, improve operational efficiency, and profoundly elevate customer experience.

Unlock the Power of Interactive AI Avatars

Industry Use Cases

RAVATAR’s real-time conversational AI Avatars deliver bespoke solutions for key sectors, addressing the distinctive challenges of healthcare, banking, hospitality, retail, education, and more, setting new benchmarks of excellence industry-wide.

Full Cycle AI Avatar Production


You share your vision with us, and we craft an AI Avatar that embodies your brand's essence and fulfills your precise expectations.


We meticulously train your AI Avatar using the information you provide, ensuring it upholds your brand's voice and delivers pinpoint accuracy.


The tailored AI Avatar integrates smoothly into your ecosystem, providing round-the-clock support and engagement to enhance your customers’ digital experience.


You commence reaping gains while we ensure continuous refinement of your AI Avatar, leveraging feedback and interaction experience for improvement.

Unleash the Potential of Conversational AI Avatars

Holographic AI Avatars


Interactive AI Avatars can be integrated with holographic devices, ushering in unparalleled immersive experiences through the next-generation volumetric holographic gateways like PROTO, HOLOBOX, RAVABOX, and METABOX holo displays.

Suitable for a wide range of applications from individual use to SMEs and large enterprises, Holographic AI Avatars can emulate human presence to enhance businesses and brand engagement, or even transform your household by serving as personal assistants!

Holoportation Technology

Holoportation technology – is a form of 3D capture technology that allows high-quality 3D models of people to be reconstructed, compressed, and transmitted anywhere in real-time.

Interaction Interfaces

The platform seamlessly integrates with diverse environments, including web services, apps, messengers, and hardware endpoints, ensuring AI Avatars deliver a uniform and immersive user experience across all interfaces and channels.


Mobile Apps & MSGRs

AI Kiosk

Holo Displays

Multilingual Support

Our real-time conversational AI avatars open the door to global engagement, empowering businesses to converse fluently with audiences worldwide in all major languages.

This ensures seamless and captivating communication across diverse cultures and regions, nurturing deeper connections and creating meaningful experiences that resonate with customers on an international scale.

Embrace Innovation with Real-time AI Avatars

Private and Secure

For businesses emphasizing data sovereignty and complete control, our on-premise deployment presents a robust solution. This approach guarantees the retention of sensitive data within your infrastructure’s boundaries, consistently upholding the strictest data privacy and security standards.



Seamless Integration

Opting for our on-premise installation addresses the toughest security and data privacy challenges, giving you a solution that’s agile, scalable, and dedicated to protecting user interactions while boosting customer loyalty. Our platform, grounded in a low-code/no-code philosophy, prioritizes minimizing time to value by seamlessly weaving AI Avatars into current ecosystems and workflows.

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