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Virtual 3D AI Marshal Avatar

An AI Salute to Guardia di Finanza’s 
250 Years of Service

From March 20th to 22nd, 2024, Rome was the epicenter of a grand celebration marking the 250th anniversary of Guardia di Finanza, an esteemed law enforcement agency operating under the Minister of Economy and Finance’s authority. This historic event, honored by the presence of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, was not only a commemoration of Italy’s prestigious protective service but also a showcase for the forefront of digital technology – the revolutionary 3D AI Avatar named Matteo Fiamma, developed by RAVATAR in partnership with METABOX (by Laserman Industries) and Microsoft.

Engaging Through Innovation: 
The Journey of AI Marshal Avatar



This project was envisioned to blend the rich heritage of the Guardia di Finanza with advanced holographic and AI technologies, aiming to engage the public in a modern and interactive manner while honoring the institution’s long-standing legacy.

The avatar’s name, Matteo Fiamma, was inspired by San Matteo, the saint protector of the police, and “fiamme gialle” (yellow flames) – a nickname for the Guardia di Finanza officers, emboding the spirit and heritage of the agency.

By integrating cutting-edge technology with historical significance, the initiative seeks to create a bridge between the past and the future, making the traditions and values of the Guardia di Finanza accessible to a wider audience.


The Matteo Fiamma real-time avatar, housed in a 4K METABOX holobox for clear, volumetric imagery, represents the pinnacle of modern engineering. Adorned in a meticulously replicated traditional uniform and capable of conveying nuanced facial expressions, the avatar showcases the potential of AI and holography to accurately mirror the complexities of human presence.

Designed for real-time interaction, the 3D AI Virtual Marshal effectively simulates natural human responses during public engagements. By leveraging advanced algorithms and Microsoft’s robust AI framework, it can converse with visitors, answer questions, and deliver information, all in a seamless and lifelike manner.


The following metrics underscore the technical proficiency and user-friendly nature of the AI avatar, effectively demonstrating the case study’s impact.

Responses to
0 K+
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Rapid Response
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The Matteo Fiamma Virtual 3D Marshal project is a pioneering example of how AI avatars can serve both educational and commemorative purposes, establishing new standards for harnessing cutting-edge technology in creative and meaningful ways to enrich and enlighten a wide audience.

This endeavor exposes the significant value such innovations can offer to society at large, from enhancing public services to fostering a deeper connection between citizens and their cultural heritage.

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