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[Limassol, June 13 2024] – Continuing its journey of technological partnership, RAVATAR, renowned for its AI mastery in digital interactions, has launched a new project with the Research and Innovation Foundation (RIF) of Cyprus. The latest collaborative effort introduces Diana AI Assistant, an advanced AI-powered chatbot designed to transform how RIF engages with its community members and potential stakeholders.

Diana, the brainchild of RAVATAR’s cutting-edge AI expertise, is now fully operational and seamlessly integrated into the RIF website. Specifically designed to assist startups, investors, businesses, and research organizations, it is poised to provide 24/7 real-time customer support, answer frequently asked questions, and guide users through a wealth of knowledge about RIF activities. Diana AI offers detailed information on RIF’s programs, funding options, and the regulatory environment of Cyprus, enhancing the foundation’s capability to support the island’s innovation ecosystem effectively.

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Aligned with RIF’s objective to foster innovation and progress in Cyprus’s technological and research sectors, Diana AI Assistant is primed to facilitate the efficient execution of forward-thinking projects and initiatives. Its bilingual functionality, covering both English and Greek, guarantees accessibility to a more diverse user base, further enhancing its utility and broadening its impact. Additionally, Diana offers a user-friendly experience by supporting both text and voice inputs, streamlining interactions for greater ease of use.

The spokesperson of RIF expressed their enthusiasm about this integration: “This is but a very first step in introducing the power of AI in our operations. RIF is dedicated to accelerating the adoption of artificial intelligence and encourages the public to take advantage of the new communication module with the Foundation.

Ruslan Synytskyy, CEO of RAVATAR, highlighted the broader implications of this partnership: “This endeavor signals the onset of our commitment to employing AI to empower organizations. By innovating for RIF, we’re excited about the role we play in propelling forward technological advancement and growth, both in Cyprus and internationally.

As a homegrown Cyprus company, RAVATAR collaborates with the Research and Innovation Foundation to lead transformative projects that are redefining the IT and scientific landscape of the island. The rollout of the Diana AI Assistant is a clear indication of their joint effort to boost Cyprus’s tech ecosystem, setting a precedent for future innovations that will impact the region broadly.

For those looking to engage with RIF and take advantage of Diana’s 24/7 support, visit the website at https://www.research.org.cy and elevate your projects to new heights within the Cyprus dynamic innovation environment.


RAVATAR (https://ravatar.com/) is a leader in technological innovation, specializing in artificial intelligence solutions that redefine how we communicate and interact across digital platforms. Driven by the pursuit of expanding AI borders, RAVATAR develops groundbreaking technologies that enrich interactions across educational, entertainment, customer service, and professional domains, ensuring every engagement is dynamic and impactful.

About RIF

The Research and Innovation Foundation (RIF, https://www.research.org.cy/) serves as the cornerstone of scientific advancement and technological progress in Cyprus. Since its inception in 1996, RIF has played a pivotal role in shaping the research landscape by supporting innovative projects and collaborations that contribute to the nation’s economic growth and technological prowess. RIF is dedicated to nurturing the talents of scientists and entrepreneurs, paving the way for a thriving future in research and innovation.

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