How AI Avatars are Changing the Influencer Marketing Landscape

ai avatar social media influencerFrom the time AI-powered avatars came into the game, they showed up to be a real transformational factor for various industries. Actually, the underlying technology has been around for years, and only the latest AI advancements allowed this kind of virtual assistant to become more responsive, intelligent, and lifelike. 

Such changes could not go unnoticed by the world of social media, which gave rise to AI-Driven Digital Influencers. These digital personalities, created using machine learning algorithms, are designed to interact with the auditory just like human influencers, sometimes providing even more engagement though not being real people. 

Without further ado, let’s discover why it is beneficial to utilize virtual AI-powered influencers in your business marketing strategies and how we at RAVATAR can help you to build up your brand ambassador using state-of-the-art Generative AI technologies.

Pros of AI-powered Influencers over Human Influencers

Being a successful influencer nowadays means having a great impact on followers, their opinions and preferences, and inspiring them for desires and actions. With digital backing, these tasks become much easier since:

  • AI avatars have no personal life which can interfere with their work. They are not subject to burnout, fatigue, and scandals while being able to function 24 per 7.
  • AI avatars are more reliable in the meaning of the constancy of the delivered message. While human influencers can be affected by mood swings or change their opinion over time, digital-based actors only act in accordance with the laid down program. Naturally, this lets brands get better control over the information conveyed and ensures the influencer’s personality aligns perfectly with the brand’s values.
  • AI avatars are not bound to physical constraints, i.e., they do not need to travel, they do not need accommodation while moving from one shoot to another, and they can be present in multiple places simultaneously at any time. This allows brands to expand their reach without limitations on time or locations and spending additional resources.
  • AI avatars’ appearance (like outfits, requisite, and accessories) can be changed in a matter of minutes without the need for lengthy styling procedures. This enables the creation of more versatile and original content without any delays.
  • AI avatars can speak naturally in any language, letting companies handle hyper-targeting marketing campaigns, thus reaching an audience that is hard to involve for a human influencer.
  • AI avatars are able to gather valuable information about audience engagement, demographics, preferences, and sentiment analysis, aiding in refining marketing strategies and making data-informed decisions.

All these AI-powered influencers’ specifics make this solution highly appealing to product owners who are striving to expand their customer reach with improved marketing strategies.

What does it Give to You as a Business Owner?

First of all, let’s allow one of our influencer RAVATARs to introduce itself:

Of course, digital influencers cannot exist and perform completely autonomously on their own. That’s always a team of appropriate specialists behind the scenes to decide what, where, and how to promote. However, an AI influencer is a perfect solution in the context of being a “brand face”, and here’s why: 

  • Since AI avatars can be programmed to have any personality and characteristics, they can be tailored to represent a thought leader for almost any customer niche, from the younger generation to established business professionals. Furthermore, their flexibility and adaptability allow to swiftly adjust to evolving trends and shifts in consumer preferences. Digital influencers can be easily modified to reflect new products, campaigns, or marketing strategies, ensuring agility in keeping up with the dynamic social media landscape.
  • Earlier, it was common for celebrities to serve as brand ambassadors, leveraging their personalities for promotion. However, not every organization can afford to hire an A-level public figure to shoot in a commercial, short movie, or brand advertisement. Moreover, when such a person passes away, a company can encounter difficulties with rebranding, while its revenue streams decrease.
  • Being empowered by machine learning algorithms, AI avatars can analyze brands’ loyalty rates and pick out information about their auditory preferences, providing data-driven insights. This allows creating of more tailored content that resonates with influencer followers, encouraging them to make the desired shopping decisions.
  • Ultimately, employing virtual influencers demonstrates a brand’s commitment to embracing technological advancements and innovation. This can create a perception of being at the forefront of digital marketing trends, attracting tech-savvy consumers and positioning the brand as forward-thinking. Moreover, a digital brand advocate is a “must-have” if your target audience is represented by a younger generation, as they are increasingly receptive to virtual and online experiences.

This way, AI digital humans can enhance audience involvement, drive sales, and elevate your brand’s image and reputation, offering a fully customizable solution for targeted marketing.

How Can You Leverage Digital AI Influencers?

With RAVATAR, you can either recreate a digital copy of yourself or create an entirely new fully-digital influencer from scratch in order to satisfy the demands for an immersive and humanized digital experience of your customers. Further, this virtual personality can serve diverse purposes like:

  • Brand endorsements: AI avatars can fulfill the role of virtual spokespersons, endorsing products and services on behalf of brands in a distinctive and innovative manner.
  • Social media campaigns: AI avatars can be utilized to execute social media campaigns by interacting with followers and generating gripping content that fosters audience engagement and amplifies brand awareness.
  • Storytelling and content creation: AI avatars can leverage customer data and analytics to craft compelling stories and content that deeply resonate with audiences and connect with them on a profound level.
  • Event appearances: AI avatars can make virtual appearances at events and other public gatherings, offering a virtual presence that sparks enthusiasm and curiosity.
  • Cross-promotion: AI avatars can be used for mutual promotions of brands and products, offering a results-driven and compelling approach to reach new audiences and connect with diverse markets.
Creating an AI avatar based on someone’s personality requires the appropriate consent from this person, especially if it is going to be used for commercial or public purposes.

Also, it is essential to carefully consider ethical and legal standards to ensure the appropriate use of AI avatars in advertising. Compliance with these guidelines guarantees a smooth and responsible integration of AI technology in marketing practices.

Examples of AI Influencers’ Practical Appliances

Let’s examine some of the promotion opportunities that become available with digital AI-powered brand representatives in more detail. 

influencer marketing services

Advertisement Videos & Commercials

influencer marketing strategyUsing an AI avatar to create advertising videos can be an innovative and cost-effective way to produce engaging and tailored content. With 3D modeling and computer graphic software, you are able to implement any avatar’s appearance, including its clothing, accessories, and even such subtle details as facial features. Moreover, you have the possibility to program it to move and behave in a way that aligns with your brand’s message and tone – for example, you can instruct your AI avatar to smile, wave, or dance.

As for the video itself, utilizing AI avatars gives more options and creativity freedom in terms of video scene design. In addition to ordinary settings, human-like hyper-realistic avatars can seamlessly integrate with animation software, enabling them to engage with animated graphics and text. This integration allows for effective visual communication, emphasizing key features and conveying important information through immersive visuals. Such dynamic and engaging video content captivates viewers, enhancing their interactive involvement.

And when it comes to shooting commercials, it’s evident that employing digital influencers represents a much more budget-friendly alternative to traditional practices, as it eliminates the need to rent studios or tackle logistical challenges such as travel arrangements and accommodations for a brand ambassador. With all the necessary entourage, staff, and actors already available on your computer, you can significantly reduce production expenses.

Social Media & Streaming

social influencer marketingUsing an AI avatar as a social media influencer can provide a unique and innovative approach to promoting brands, products, and services to audiences. First and foremost, employing digital AI-powered influencers significantly facilitates and expedites the generation of media content (such as photos, videos, and captions) for your brand or product promotion. These virtual ambassadors offer opportunities for creative storytelling and visual aesthetics, being able to embody unique personas, possess extraordinary abilities, and engage in imaginative narratives, capturing the attention and curiosity of social media users.

When integrated as a social media character, an AI avatar can interact with audiences in real-time. Capable of maintaining a conscious dialogue, it can respond to questions and comments from viewers, creating a sense of intimacy and connection that cultivates brand loyalty. 

Also, such a digitalized brandface can utilize data analytics and insights to track engagement, impressions, and other metrics, thereby optimizing social media performance and increasing the overall effectiveness of social media campaigns.

Digital influencers can also play a crucial role in generating informative content, such as demonstrating product functionality and providing insights on its usage. Or, if addressing the fashion realm, they can offer comprehensive style guides, showcasing different combinations and suggesting how to incorporate new brand clothing into a client’s daily style. This type of content empowers audiences with practical knowledge and inspiration, helping them make informed decisions and enhancing their understanding of promoted items or services.

Virtual Events & Teleconferences Host

virtual event hostAI avatars can serve as virtual event hosts to create an engaging and interactive atmosphere for attendees, fostering an immersive and participatory environment. This can be implemented with the help of online video teleconferencing software designed for hosting remote meetings within virtual settings (e.g., Hopin, Remo, or Gather

For this purpose, you can either create a completely new digital persona for each event, so that it aligns perfectly with the theme and tone of the conference, or customize an existing avatar representing your brand. Making subtle adjustments to its appearance, such as changing attire, can add a touch of variety and freshness while maintaining consistency in your promotional campaigns.

To effectively serve as a host, an AI avatar should be pre-programmed with event details, including agenda, speakers, sponsors, activities, and so on, enabling it to deliver the necessary information to attendees. To enhance attendee engagement and create a more personalized and enjoyable experience, you can also instruct your virtual host to incorporate interactive elements such as quizzes, polls, and games during the event.

Herewith, you have the flexibility to choose between a 2D video avatar to streamline pre-recorded AI-generated content (instead of the event host’s webcam) or a hyper-realistic 3D avatar connected to a pre-trained chatbot. The latter can offer attendees real-time assistance by addressing their questions, offering technical support, and guiding them to relevant resources. Additionally, it can collect feedback and conduct analytics on attendees’ interactions, leveraging this data to enhance the avatar’s performance and make necessary adjustments for future events.

Overall, using AI avatars as virtual event hosts can provide a unique and immersive experience for attendees, while simultaneously alleviating the workload and stress for event organizers. Just remember to ensure that your event’s digital compere is programmed effectively, being capable of providing relevant and precise information to participants.


To sum this up, utilizing AI avatars as virtual influencers can provide a unique and engaging way to promote brands, products, and services to audiences. They offer round-the-clock availability, unwavering message consistency, limitless reach, and quick adaptability. And by leveraging avatar’s advanced customization, interactivity possibilities, and data analytics, businesses can create engaging video content, optimize social media campaigns, and host virtual events, revolutionizing their marketing strategies and enhancing overall customer experience.

The RAVATAR team is excited to assist you in every step of your influencer avatar creation journey – from its modeling and configuration to integration within the required systems! Just drop us a line, and our managers will write you back to schedule an elaboration session.

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