Digital Resurrection: Taras Shevchenko’s Leap into 3D Realism with a Real-Time Avatar

The Digital Resurrection of Taras Shevchenko: Real-Time 3D Avatar for Interactive Engagement

March 9th holds a special place in the hearts of Ukrainians, commemorating the birth of Taras Shevchenko, a towering figure in Ukrainian culture, emblematic of the nation’s identity and resilience. In keeping with our mission of honoring Shevchenko’s legacy through technology, the RAVATAR team proudly participated in a unique celebration marking the 210th anniversary of his birth.

This momentous occasion took place on March 7th at the ‘Gulliver Shopping and Entertainment Center’, one of Ukraine’s premier business and entertainment venues, in collaboration with the esteemed Taras Shevchenko National Museum, Stus Center, and FEX.NET. 

digital resurrection of shevchenko in 3d for the day of his 210th birthday

This year’s celebration was uniquely spearheaded by Taras Shevchenko AI avatar, a pioneering initiative we unveiled six months prior. Serving not merely as a part of the exhibit, the avatar assumed the pivotal role of the announcer, weaving a seamless narrative that connected attendees with Shevchenko’s enduring legacy.

shevchenko 3d real time interaction model serving as an event announcer

Elevating our technological tribute, this time RAVATAR introduced a more sophisticated and realistic-looking 3D AI-powered model of Shevchenko, capable of real-time interactions, intricately crafted from one of his most acclaimed self-portraits from 1840, embodying Kobzar during the zenith of his creative journey.

The process of its creation was not only a technical pursuit but a true dive into the past. Using only a single reference implied a lot of work to assess and interpret the image, especially considering the fact that Taras painted himself using not a mirror, but a reflection in a bucket of water. This detail prompted us to think deeply about how to vividly recreate his likeness.

shevchenko 3d real time avatar model creation stages

In addition, we have analyzed most of the available sculptures of the young Kobzar to get a fuller picture of what he looked like. Putting all this together, the entire project required not only precision in detail but also creativity in every aspect of the modeling. 

When it came to the technical stuff, we decided not to use multi-camera scanning, relying on the power of modern software solutions for 3D modeling and texturing instead. We utilized the latest MetaHuman technology by Epic Games, along with a classic approach to making 3D models. Also, we added some extra touches employing neural networks to make the model feel more real and lively.

Herewith, we extensively collaborated with experts from the Taras Shevchenko National Museum throughout the entire modeling process. This partnership ensured the 3D avatar accurately reflected Shevchenko’s appearance, capturing his essence with authenticity and respect in every aspect.

collaboration with taras shevchenko national museum experts in creating 3d real time avatar model kobzar

Going further, the commemoration transcended the mere unveiling of a new hyper-realistic digital incarnation of the esteemed poet and artist. For this special day, the RAVATAR team crafted an unparalleled experience – a real-time interactive press conference with the digitally resurrected AI-powered 3D model of Taras Shevchenko. 

shevchenko 3d avatar real time representation

All the guests and visitors were given the remarkable opportunity to engage directly with the virtual incarnation of the famed Kobzar, posing questions and receiving responses, thereby transforming the event into a dynamic dialogue between the past and the present.

real time interaction with 3d shevchenko ai model by ravatar

This interaction sparked genuine curiosity among the public, who were instantly captivated by the avatar’s intelligent and stylistically characteristic responses that reflected the famous poet’s essence. Such a deeply authentic exchange was made possible by sophisticated machine learning technologies and an integrated comprehensive database detailing his life and works, along with insights into Ukraine’s historical narratives and national identity.

press conference with 3D digital resurrection of taras shevchenko

After that, the digital reincarnation of Shevchenko held a short speech, thanking all the attendees for their presence and inviting them to join in watching the show, demonstrated on the biggest LED screens outside the GULLIVER building – the “Shevchenko Immersive World” presenting a captivating video clip with the effect of presence telling about his most recognizable drawings. 

3d shevchenko in immersive show displayed in gulliver sec ukraine

As the event drew to a close, the attendees were left with a profound sense of connection to Taras Shevchenko’s legacy, a testament to the fusion of historical reverence and modern technology. 

In this celebration of Shevchenko’s 210th birthday, we were reminded of the enduring power of his works and the unbreakable spirit of the Ukrainian people. Through the lens of the cutting-edge digital realm, we have been given a unique opportunity to revisit our past, engage with it in the present, and reimagine how we carry it forward. The RAVATAR team is committed to progressing on this path, exploring new horizons in the digital landscape, and summoning audiences worldwide to join us in this ongoing tribute to Ukraine’s rich cultural tapestry.

Meanwhile, we warmly invite you on a journey through RAVATAR’s unique creations, each a tribute to Shevchenko’s enduring spirit Taras Shevchenko AI Bot in Telegram, where you can learn the wisdom of this national hero in personal conversations, and Official Taras Shevchenko AI Instagram, a platform where we regularly offer glimpses into his path, artistic achievements, and the lasting influence of his contributions on Ukrainian culture.

Let’s carry the inspiration derived from Shevchenko’s life and works together, as a guiding light in our collective endeavor to illuminate Ukrainian culture brightly at the heart of the digital world!

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