Shevchenko’s Legacy Goes Digital: RAVATAR Launches Official AI Avatar Instagram

taras shevchenko ai instagram

[Limassol, 13 December 2023] Witness a landmark initiative as RAVATAR and the Taras Shevchenko National Museum proudly present the Official Instagram of Taras Shevchenko AI. This social project stands as a testament to our dedication to safeguarding and advancing the rich heritage of Ukraine. By seamlessly blending historical cultural achievements with modern technology, we usher in the enduring legacy of Ukraine’s revered poet and artist, Taras Shevchenko, into the digital age.

A Mission to Preserve and Celebrate Culture

This collaboration is centered around the goal of keeping Ukrainian cultural heritage alive and accessible to a global audience. Our initial joint project materialized in the form of a digitalized virtual AI representation of Taras Kobzar, unveiled this autumn. This AI incarnation of the renowned artist and symbol of the Ukrainian freedom spirit faithfully reproduces Shevchenko’s appearance and mannerisms, augmented by an extensive knowledge base covering his repertoire of works. 

Building on this achievement, our collective endeavors have reached a significant milestone with the establishment of the managed and consistently updated Taras Shevchenko AI Instagram page. This platform serves as a dynamic repository, regularly enriched with invaluable content by the museum, ensuring the continuous celebration and exploration of Shevchenko’s legacy. 

The digital exhibition consists of two parts:

  • Eternal Wisdom: Thanks to the museum’s invaluable contributions, this section features a curated collection of Shevchenko’s famous quotes, allowing followers to delve into the wisdom that has become a hallmark of Ukrainian culture.
  • Artistic Genius: Here, the museum’s expertise shines through detailed descriptions accompanying Shevchenko’s masterpieces. From authentic reproductions to modern digital reinterpretations, this segment exemplifies a seamless blend of traditional artistry and contemporary digital creativity.

The director of the Taras Shevchenko National Museum, Dmytro Stus, shared his vision about this project: “In the intersection of cultural heritage and technological innovation, our collaboration creates a digital space where Shevchenko’s wisdom transcends time, making culture not just a relic of the past but a vibrant, living legacy for the future.

Ruslan Synytsky, CEO and Founder of RAVATAR, added: “This project is not just about digital innovation; it’s about keeping the heart of Ukrainian culture beating and relevant in the modern world. Through this initiative, we aim to share Ukraine’s rich legacy with a broader audience, ensuring that the voice and vision of Shevchenko and Ukrainian culture continue to inspire“.

Join us in this unique journey where tradition meets technology – visit and subscribe to the Official Taras Shevchenko AI Instagram. Your involvement empowers us to shape a digital narrative that not only immortalizes Shevchenko’s artistic brilliance but also beckons global audiences to actively engage with Ukraine’s rich cultural tapestry. Share your insights, be part of this extraordinary initiative, and stay connected for more inspiring updates!


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