2023 Summary: RAVATAR’s Breakthrough Year

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In 2023, RAVATAR emerged as a visionary company, swiftly transitioning from a burgeoning idea to a publicly acclaimed success. This remarkable journey unfolded in the very heart of Cyprus, where the seeds of innovation were sown into the fertile ground of technological advancement and carefully nurtured to fruition. In less than a year since its public debut, RAVATAR has not only made significant strides in the realm of AI technology but also captured the attention and recognition of a global audience. 

Such a rapid ascent showcases the synergy of advanced technology, strategic partnerships, and the unwavering dedication of our team, all contributing to reshaping the future of digital interaction. So let’s take a moment to reflect on the achievements that have made this year exceptional for both RAVATAR and the broad tech community!

Charting New Paths in AI Avatar Technology

Looking back at RAVATAR’s journey in 2023, the key to its success is clearly rooted in groundbreaking technological advancements, with a special focus on the development and deployment of AI Avatars.

Real-time Interactive 3D AI Avatar and Photorealistic Video Avatar

RAVATAR stepped onto the market introducing a new dimension of AI avatars, delivering both real-time interactive 3D models and photorealistic video avatars. These digital entities are designed to emulate human interactions with astonishing accuracy, leveraging advanced AI to create lifelike, empathetic engagements. Their ability to respond instantaneously and contextually in conversations marks a significant leap in digital communication.

On-premise, As-a-Service, and Hybrid Deployment

The RAVATAR technology suite offers a unique solution for on-premises avatar deployment that is available on par with the conventional As-a-Service delivery model, and even allows for the combined use of both approaches in hybrid installations. Such an array of implementation options enables RAVATAR’s AI avatars to operate efficiently across various settings, from corporate data centers and private cloud environments to infrastructure handled entirely via public cloud services. This ensures that RAVATAR’s products provide the necessary flexibility and adaptability to meet the distinct needs and strategic objectives of every business.

Seamless Integration Across Multiple Platforms

Envisioned as a universal multi-platform solution, RAVATAR’s avatars are adeptly designed for easy incorporation within a diverse range of digital environments. Their integration possibilities extend across Web, mobile apps, popular messengers, interactive info kiosks, and even such cutting-edge equipment as holographic devices, showcasing the technology’s versatility and wide-ranging applicability in various business settings.

Embracing Multilingual Communication

With the ability to fluently and naturally converse in different languages, RAVATAR’s avatars provide an optimal solution for businesses seeking international expansion or aiming to strengthen their presence in diverse regions. Herewith, their linguistic agility extends well beyond basic interactions, empowering them to adeptly navigate complex conversations, comprehend cultural nuances, and grasp industry-specific jargon. This proficiency enables our AI avatars to excel in diverse roles, providing communication experiences akin to engaging with a native speaker.

Innovative AI Avatar Technology Stack

A cornerstone of RAVATAR’s success is its proprietary AI Avatar technology stack. Among others, this year it was enriched with a comprehensive API based on low code, which streamlines the interconnection of diverse AI services upon a client’s choice into a single cohesive framework with minimal technical hurdles.

Together with the accumulated expertise in incorporating diverse Large Language Models (like GPT, Llama, Falcon, Noor, etc) and our exclusive proprietary lip-syncing technology, all these features significantly elevate the avatars’ realism and interactive capabilities. This leads to more engaging and lifelike interactions, bridging the gap between digital and human communication and enabling a wide array of applications across different sectors.

Rise from the Roots: A Tale of Tenacity and Tech Triumphs

Founded by Ruslan Synytskyy, a renowned Java Champion with a rich history in serial entrepreneurship, and Iurie Chischiliov, a visionary professional with almost 20 years in the fields of IT integration, Augmented/Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and 3D human innovation, RAVATAR has experienced a remarkable evolution during the last year. From a nascent idea, we’ve grown into a robust and proficient team of 12 members.

ravatar founders team members

Throughout this journey, our crew has steadily grown, welcoming highly skilled technical and business experts. Each new talent brought on board has not only bolstered our team’s collective expertise but has also enhanced our product, making it increasingly sophisticated, robust, and aligned with cutting-edge industry standards.

As we carved out our unique niche in the AI avatar and digital interaction landscape, we encountered numerous challenges. These included the extended generation time for AI video avatars amidst a highly competitive market, the constrained functionality of talking photo technology, the daunting task of rivaling ChatGPT in chatbot capabilities, the limited language diversity in existing real-time AI conversation services, and lots more. Yet, far from dampening our inspiration, these obstacles only fueled our resolve. They steered us toward defining our distinct area: crafting custom, highly realistic, real-time conversational 3D AI avatars tailored for business applications.

ravabot ravapla ravabox ravatar products for realistic 3d and video avatars

Even though 2023 marked our public debut, today we can already boast a number of brand-named developments and solutions, like:

  • RAVABOT – a messenger-centric AI-powered avatar platform developed in collaboration with UBOS (Unified Business Operating System), which allows for the creation of custom intelligent chatbots featuring virtual influencers, celebrities, and other publicly known figures to facilitate their continuous, round-the-clock interaction with fans.
  • RAVAPLA – a comprehensive low-code platform that represents the backbone component of our products, ensuring a seamless synergy between various third-party AI services, meticulously interconnected to form a unique and cohesive AI avatar solution tailored to each client’s specific requirements.
  • RAVABOX – an avatar-integrated info-kiosk and AI-powered equipment that elevates the realism of avatar presence to unbelievable heights by creating astonishingly lifelike visual representations thereby bringing a new dimension of immersion.

As a testament to its innovative prowess and technological significance, RAVATAR has been selected for the NVIDIA Inception program this year. 

ravatar accepted to nvidia interception program

This recognition highlights our role as a forward-thinking and rapidly evolving enterprise in the AI sector. Being part of this elite program provides numerous benefits, like access to NVIDIA’s advanced technologies and AI development tools, which are essential for refining our AI avatar products and further technological advancement. The program also provides valuable opportunities to network with industry leaders, gain expert insights, and receive extensive go-to-market support, which definitely will contribute to RAVATAR’s continued growth and ability to deliver state-of-the-art AI-driven services on a global scale.

gitex 2023 global tech event dubai ravatar partnership

As another affirmation of our success, RAVATAR confidently asserted its position in the international technology landscape at GITEX 2023, the prestigious global tech exhibition in Dubai. Our stand buzzed with anticipation and excitement, as we presented our advanced AI avatars, integrating AI Voice Recognition, Conversational AI, and Generative AI technologies. 

The event also marked a significant phase in RAVATAR’s collaborative efforts. Joining forces with industry leaders such as WafaiCloud, DT Cloud, METABOX, and UNIDATALAB, RAVATAR showcased the synergy of shared expertise and vision. These partnerships, far more than just business ventures, illustrated our commitment to leading the charge in AI and digital interaction and became a bold statement of RAVATAR’s innovative ethos.

Paying Homage to Our Ukrainian Lineage

In 2023, RAVATAR, firmly established in Cyprus yet composed largely of a team with Ukrainian heritage, has taken a bold step in preserving and promoting Ukrainian culture. Amidst challenging times for our homeland, we decided to go beyond mere financial contributions and leverage our technological prowess to bring Ukraine’s plentiful cultural heritage to the global stage, showcasing it through the lens of advanced technology. This resulted in RAVATAR embarking on several ambitious initiatives, focusing on the digital resurrection and celebration of Ukraine’s bestowed literary figure, Taras Shevchenko.

taras shevchenko ukraine poet kobzar ai chatbot instagram

Taras Shevchenko AI Avatar at Shevchenko Immersive World

The highlight of RAVATAR’s cultural preservation initiatives is the creation of the Taras Shevchenko AI Avatar, unveiled at the ‘Shevchenko Immersive World’ event that was held this autumn in one of the biggest Kyiv multifunctional complexes, GULLIVER SEC, being showcased on Europe’s biggest LED screen spanning nearly 4,000 square meters.

At the opening of this performance, the digital AI incarnation of the legendary Ukrainian kobzar, which authentically replicates his appearance and embodies his spirit, captivated audiences by taking the stage to address Ukrainian people, providing an unprecedented and immersive experience. This groundbreaking project, born from a collaboration between RAVATAR, the Stus Center, and the Taras Shevchenko National Museum (Ukraine), became a compelling illustration of the fusion of technology and cultural reverence, ushering the true essence of Shevchenko’s genius into the digital era for the first time ever.

The Taras_Kobzar_Bot: A Telegram Journey

Following the success of the AI avatar, RAVATAR introduced the Taras Kobzar Bot on Telegram, developed in partnership with UBOS, a no-code/low-code platform. This interactive chatbot allows users to engage in conversations with a digital version of Shevchenko, offering insights into his life, writings, artworks, and a broader historical context of Ukraine. 

Within the scope of this project, special acknowledgment is due to FEX.NET, a crucial partner whose significant role in broadcasting our innovation through their renowned portal demonstrated our mutual dedication to promoting Ukrainian cultural heritage.

Official Instagram of Taras Shevchenko AI

Finally, expanding our digital tribute to Shevchenko, RAVATAR, in partnership with the Taras Shevchenko National Museum, launched the Official Instagram of Taras Shevchenko AI. This platform has been established as a living digital museum, showcasing Shevchenko’s art and wisdom, and connecting a worldwide audience with the essence of Ukrainian culture. Managed by the RAVATAR crew and regularly updated with content by the museum experts, this Instagram page serves as a dynamic repository of Shevchenko’s legacy, where his voice and artistic essence continue to inspire transcending beyond the boundaries of time and geography.

Looking Ahead: RAVATAR’s Vision for the Upcoming Year

technology development in 2024 ravatar

As RAVATAR strides into the future, our aspirations for the impending year are marked by ambitious plans and exciting developments. A key focus will be on enhancing the scalability and stability of our AI avatars, aiming to broaden their reach and interaction volume while simultaneously ensuring their consistent and reliable performance. In addition to this, we plan to diversify our technology stack and product range, keeping RAVATAR ahead of market trends and well-equipped to meet the evolving demands of our clients. 

In our pursuit of business development, we’re setting sights on broadening our client base, with a keen emphasis on fostering enduring relationships with enterprise customers. This strategic move is aimed at enriching our business model and getting deeper insights into the demands of large-scale organizations. The natural progression from these targeted strategies is the expansion of our team with fresh talent and expertise, a crucial step that will propel constant evolution and growth for RAVATAR.


Drawing the curtain on a remarkable 2023, we at RAVATAR look back with pride on a year marked by extraordinary achievements and rapid growth. It was a year that sped by, yet it was filled with significant leaps and milestones, firmly positioning us for an exhilarating path ahead.  Now, we boldly advance into the future, with our sights set on new heights of accomplishment.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to all our esteemed partners who have joined us on this incredible journey. Your collaboration and support have been pivotal in our success, and we look forward to forging ahead together in the coming years.

Stepping into the new year, we invite you to stay up-to-date with our latest innovations and join us in shaping the future of AI-driven interactions – explore our website and witness the exciting developments we have in store. Here’s to an upcoming year brimming with more novelties, inspirations, and technological marvels!

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