What is Avatar-as-a-Service (AaaS)?

Avatar-as-a-Service (AaaS) is a new enterprise solution whose emergence is tightly connected with the latest developments in Generative and Conversational AI. AaaS is designed to provide non-expertized users with the ability to create, customize and deploy their own AI-driven avatars into digital environments. 

In contrast to widely-spread web-based services for generating AI avatars on users’ own, AaaS customers receive the accompanying guidance throughout the whole process of building up their digital copy. Users can count on professional product onboarding and training sessions that will help to get acquainted with available platform functions & services and master their use.

Among the other AaaS benefits, one can single out the superior quality and intricate detailing of the generated avatar image since such extensive assistance implies using professional-grade equipment to capture customers’ facial traits and expressions, surpassing the limitations of built-in cameras found in ordinary devices. 

Also, the Avatar-as-a-Service solution provides clients with an opportunity to choose from a collection of preliminary trained and adjusted ready-to-use AI avatars that are tailored for different use cases. And for custom avatars, there is a possibility to benefit from the pre-arranged scenarios, patterns and configurations – their appliance allows users to design avatars’ functionality with no need for extensive programming skills and knowledge while saving a lot of time and effort.

Furthermore, once the AI avatar is prepared, users can leverage the AaaS built-in bridging tools for its seamless integration into the majority of existing IT systems. Or, in specific cases, they  can appeal for the help of AaaS specialists to set up their avatars within a dedicated informational system or service platform, making them serve as capable assistants for personal, internal, or customer use.


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