What is a Holographic Avatar?

When speaking about the hologram, we usually refer to a virtual object that is created with the help of a laser by capturing and reproducing light wave interference patterns. Such an image makes an illusion of being three-dimensional, has depth, and can be seen from different angles, just like a real physical object.

While there are currently no means of viewing holograms with the naked eye, technology has made it possible for people to experience this using particular techniques, such as Augmented Reality, HoloBox, Pepper’s Ghost, 3D Spinning Led, water or smoke projection, and others. Those use different approaches, but in fact, they serve the same purpose – enabling us to see the hologram.

Accordingly, a holographic avatar is a video or 3D virtual embodiment of a person performed using one of the abovementioned technologies. Specialized cameras and sensors capture a person’s visual and spatial information, which is then used to create holographic avatars that appear as 3D interactive images. They can be moved, interacted with, and are incredibly realistic.

Being utilized in different Augmented Reality (AR) applications, holographic avatars provide a unique way to engage with technology and have an immense potential to shape the future human-machine interplay.


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