What is Text-to-Speech (TTS) Technology?

TTS technology is a type of AI-based tool that transforms digital words into spoken speech. It uses sophisticated algorithms and models to evaluate and process the text, dividing it into distinct phrases. Then these phrases can be read by a system with the appropriate intonation, considering punctuation and stable text structures, to generate human-like speech output that can be heard through headphones or speakers.

This way, text-to-speech technology enables computers and other devices to literally “speak” out loud the written content, making it accessible to those who are visually impaired, have difficulties with reading, or just prefer to listen to the content instead of reading. Also, it can be employed to increase opportunities for social interaction for people with speech disorders, allowing them to communicate verbally with others through technology.

In general, TTS is an extremely versatile tool that can be beneficial in various applications – from aiding individuals who require accessibility assistance to customer support, from call centers to e-learning programs, and even for entertainment purposes.


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