What is a Cybernetic Avatar?

A cybernetic avatar is a special type of virtual embodiment of a person, presented in the form of a physical robot. This robot is controlled remotely by a human operator through a special interface, which enables managing its movements and actions. Herewith, an operator is able to see and hear through the special cyber avatar’s sensors and interact with the physical world surrounding the robot.

Such technology allows people with different backgrounds and values – for example, the elderly and those with responsibilities for nursing and childcare – to actively participate in daily social activities connected with work, education, healthcare, and other functions. Also, cybernetic avatars can be utilized if the person’s presence is unavailable due to factors such as physical or cognitive state, appearance, and gender hindrance (e.g. for people with cognitive disorders and identity problems who may feel insecure about engaging in face-to-face communication). As another specific application, remotely-controlled robot avatars can be utilized in telepresence scenarios, where a user need to be physically present at a specific location to perform various remote tasks such as inspection, maintenance, or exploration.

Overall, the technology of cybernetic avatars offers the possibility of real-time interactions with remote environments and people, fostering the creation of an avatar-symbolic society where everyone can perform an active role without constraints.


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